Saturday, January 9, 2010

Luxembourg - small can be beautiful ... :(and expensive):

Luxembourg is probably less visited than it should be.
It is a beautiful, compact country with abundant natural beauty, an interesting history, many castles, and more.
You might find the perfect vacation spot when you go to Luxembourg. Between monuments and museums, caves and scenic sights, really there’s something for everyone. And if you like to enjoy a bit of nightlife, then Luxembourg won’t let you down but you have to be careful on high price...


Why wait to see this quaint little country that’s situated next to France, Belgium and Germany? It’s such a small country, it only takes you a few hours to get across it by car, but it’s such a great small place thanks for it you can see more than one country if you desire, or you could spend your holiday exploring one country inside and out. So you should go there!


In fact, for such a small country, it offers so many wonderful things to do. In Luxembourg you would get to see Palace of the Grand Dukes, Notre Dame Cathedral, National Museum of Art and History, the Casino Luxembourg and the Philharmonie Luxemburg – you believe me that’s just a few of what a Luxembourg could offer.

If you want something that offers you a wonderful experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Well, in Luxemburg you can try the Petrusse Express which offers a great train tour.

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  10. The Museum of History and Art houses a substantial collection of archaeological finds, medieval artefacts and fine and decorative arts with temporary exhibitions organized throughout the year. However, it is the extended and refurbished building that will impress visitors the most. The new underground galleries consist of three levels of 700 square metres each carved out of the rock and visible through glass walls.