Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keukenhof - Spring is comming

On the beginning really sorry that in previous time I didn’t write frequency.
Sometimes a life surprises us something new which we have to discover, experience and learn to know. This process can take some bit of time but thanks for it we are more aware and thanks for it we may write our blogs.
In the next posts I try to explain you what happened, which places I visited and what person did I get to know – it will be very, very interesting.

However, today I would like to inform you that in the Northern Hemisphere spring will start in next week (exactly 20 March) that is why I prepare something special which will help us forget about long winter and charge our “batteries”.
Now I would like transfer your mind to Keukenhof (in English "Kitchen garden") - the world’s best known spring garden, named also Garden of Europe.


Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden, over 70 acres (around 32 hectares) of parkland filled with more than 7 million bulbs among, others: tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, narcissi, gladioli. But mainly it’s the tulips - of course, since this is the Netherlands. Located near Lisse, just outside Amsterdam, it’s easy to get there by train and bus or car, even bicycle – this is the Netherlands. There’s even a bus that goes there direct from Schipol Airport.


The garden was established in 1949 by the then-mayor of Lisse. The idea was to present a flower exhibit where growers from all over the Netherlands and Europe could show off their hybrids – and help the Netherlands export industry (it is the world's largest exporter of flowers).


You have to remember that that Keukenhof Gardens it’s only open in spring, when the bulbs are flowering. That’s about 8 weeks of the year. In 2010 they are open from 18 March to 16 May more information you can read on website Keukenfof.


In my opinion the best time for visit this place is the last week of April and first week of May in this time in Netherlands are a lot of events, festivals and the most important event - The Queen’s Day (30 April).
So if you want to see one of the most beautiful garden don’t wait to long, pack your back pack and go there or click on MORE PHOTOS :)