Sunday, September 27, 2009

Global Warming

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Global Warming - Solidarity with Greek Rebellion.
I found this mural in Amsterdam on Spuistraatstreet in August 2008 then I didn't take the photo but when I came back in the May of this year to Amsterdam mural still exist so I saved it on photo :)

Greek rebellion – it is difficult and controversial topic first of all for the older generation which won for us freedom and capitalism. The problem is that the our younger generation are so disappointed. Neoliberalism, ubiquitous capitalism and run behind the best developed economy is tire and lead to tragedy like in Greece where in December 2008 the police murdered 25 years old student Aleksandros Grigoropoulos. After the murder all Athens surrounded waves of riots. Greece was paralised mass social protests within the week and government decided proclaim state of emergency.

As in many other countries, young people are faced with expensive studies and are especially affected by unemployment like: France, Germany, or Portugal; has a lower unemployment than Spain or Slovakia; and has more unemployment than Italy, Bulgaria, or Cyprus. Similarly, young people also represent a declining demographic portion of the compared to baby boomers resulting in a weaker impact of the youth vote in political life, though this is also not particular to Greece.

This topic is very interesting but for many people unknown. I encourage to watch this movie:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why abstraho?

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On the beginning I haven’t any special conception on which way I should create this blog, but I know that I have a lot of ideas, experiences, pictures and feelings which I would like describe in different stile. Style underlining interesting matters doesn’t notice by others and sometimes will be abstraction for him like Latin world abstraho which means simply: cut of, tear oneself from something, apart something important matters for others.