Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amsterdam - Droog Gallery

When I was visiting Amsterdam suddenly, through some window in the street, I noticed fantastic lamp. On the window was written "droog" ...
hmmm what is it doog? I asked himself - is it some restaurant, gallery or maybe shop? ...


The door was open so I decided to enter and answer the question.
Inside I noticed a lot of very interesting things - some of them I saw at first in my life - just look at it:

85 Lamps - 230V
This lamp uses only what is necessary to create light: bulbs, wires, connectors.

Flowerpots, plates, glass
Made from used bottles

Clothes hanger lamp
By hanging the garment of your choice you create a personal lamp!

Rag chair
This chair is layered form the contents of 15 bags of rags

Red blue Lego chair
An aluminium frame makes it possible to sit on it. Because of copyrights this chair is only available in a limited edition.

Push and store cabinet
This bookshelf changes shape during use, a solid volume that opens up when books are stored in it.

Chest of drawers
It is a criticism on overproduction and consumerism.

Maybe just only T-shirt...
maybe not - thinking about it

One day paper waste – sidetable
Reacting to document waste. It is made from confidential documents, mixed with resin.

This is only ten photos.
I regret that I did not make more photos :(
Droog it is beautiful shop/gallery in Amsterdam. The Owners/Artist in this way describe their activity: "Our unique way of thinking has defined us as a conceptual design company over the last 16 years, and has played a role in defining Dutch design internationally. Droog values what it means to be human, including subjectivity, notions of beauty and meaning, and desire for high quality experiences at the core of what we do. Droog stands for a luxury of content and experience that change perspective on daily life—whether it is authenticity, humour, slowness, engagement, or nature, the abundance of what is scarce is true luxury... Amsterdam is home to our flagship store and office, where we operate the Creative agency, the Lab and the Factory & outlet. We also have a store in New York and in Tokyo, and distribution throughout the world".

If you want to know more just click on:droog

I feel that I have to come back there :)


  1. Amsterdam is my second home and a beautiful city

  2. Wow, they have some pretty fantastic stuff there.

  3. Super miejsce! Fotel z dywaników jest niesamowity:)

  4. Cool stuff - thanks for sharing!!

  5. excellent stuff man...hope u keep visiting such museums/exhibitions

  6. Very interesting.
    Thank you for posting this...Perhaps I will make a chandelier like the first for my living room. I can't find anything I like within a decent $ range.

  7. What an interesting place. Thanks for introducing us to it.

  8. olá, gosteimuito de seu blog, infelizmente o botão de follow estava comproblema,mas estarei de volta em breve para seguir seu blog

  9. Hi Adam, cool pictures. I am going to Amsterdam this summer and this might be a place to visit.

    Anything else in Amsterdam you can recommend?

  10. Beautiful pics! They make me want to visit Amsterdam (or anywhere in Europe for that matter) again.

  11. Fotki odjazdowe. Ty nie masz czasu ? Jeszcze Ci Facebook w głowie ?

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