Saturday, December 12, 2009

Netherlands - Bicycles

Bicycles are a very familiar part of everyday life in the Netherlands. In fact, probable the 15 million Dutch people own about 12 million bicycles; that's nearly as many bicycles as people, and twice as many bikes as cars! Bikes are a great and easy way of getting around because the Netherlands is so flat. Dutch people don't just use their bikes for fun - cycling is an important way of travelling, from doing the daily shopping to going to work.
Because so many people in this country cycle, the Netherlands has special traffic lanes, rules and road signs to improve safety for bikes. There are over 17,000 km of cycle lanes, indicated by round blue signs with a white bicycle on them. In cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam these lanes even have special bicycle traffic lights!


If you will be in Amsterdam you have to: firstly visit a special parking place for bike near to the railwaiy station it is anazing view; secoundly rent a bike and go ahead and in the end notice exceptional bicycle saddle.
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  1. wow, now that's really a lot of bicycles! :D over here bicycles are not really popular, people rather drive cars instead :(

  2. It is the same in Copenhagen, many people use bikes as their main medium of transport, I did too for over 20 years :-)

  3. Ann, - Thank you so much that you read my blog. It is nice that somewere in the World is somebody who read my posts :)
    In addition I have tell you that your mandalas are very beautiful. If you let me I use yours manadalas to decorate Christmas card for my friends :)
    Merry Christmas
    Adam /abstraho

  4. The first image, with the bike with wooden box attached is so picturesque. What a great image.

  5. Hi Adam !!
    you DO have a cool blog here !
    it is very nice to meet you !!
    see you !
    and thank you for droping by mine one .

  6. i wish that there were as many accommodations for cyclists here in the U.S. certain cities are better for biking than others. in my city, there is a lot of unspoken (and outspoken!) tension between "the drivers" and "the bikers." local laws don't seem to support/protect the bikers. hmm. nice blog! thanks for following mine!

  7. What an awesome way to live! I often wish that life for my kids -although I also wish them a yard to play in & those don't seem to go hand in we have the yard...& we DRIVE everywhere! Cool about the bike traffic lights, I never knew about those!

  8. Danny, Libbie,
    you have to visit Netherlands. It is world for bikers :) You may see and rent bicycle everywhere! In addition in Netherlands cyclist have larger rights on road than drivers and pederastian!!! It is cool!

  9. I wish Americans would ride their bikes more!! We would all be better for it. Great post!!

  10. wow, again, I just went there past october;) I have many photos on my blog..especially of bikes! Very cool to find many things I have seen or have heard of personally:) Thanks for your write ups also!